About Us


  Our company first established its reputation by creating a unique and beautiful collection of silk  chiffon scarves that are individually painted and signed by the Balinese artist.  We are constantly inspired from the natural beauty of Bali...the colors, textures...everything! 



Our indigo batik scarves combine a traditional technique with contemporary design.  The indigo plant is organically grown and harvested locally and then made into the beautiful blue indigo dyes. The designs are each checked individually before being dipped into the dyes.



We have recently added a new collection of scarves that are hand woven with hand spun natural dyed threads.  We are especially pleased to help maintain a market for these artisans so that this craft continues despite the modern acceptance of machine mass produced products.



 We proudly support these local artisans whose incredible talent is worth preserving.


Bali Girl, Inc. 

Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA

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